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LWB U17: Final 4 in Kranjska Gora



Kranjska Gora Jesenice (SLO) – Interclub Muggia (I) 65:61 (18:14, 14:11, 22:22, 11:14)

Folka Borovje (CRO) – UBI Graz (A) 64:53 (12:12, 17:17, 10:15, 20:14)

Game for the 3rd place:

Interclub Muggia (I) – UBI Graz (A) 60:55 (17:12, 12:16, 20:9, 11:18)


Kranjska Gora Jesenice (SLO) – Folka Borovje (CRO) 51:73 (18:15, 10:20, 12:18, 11:20)

Final standings:

  1. Folka Borovje (CRO)
  2. Kranjska Gora – Jesenice (SLO)
  3. Interclub Muggia (I)
  4. UBI Graz (A)



Best starting 5:
  • Uma Ramić (Kranjska Gora – Jesenice)
  • Tara Kokolić (Folka Borovje)
  • Jördis Reisner (UBI Graz)
  • Anja Battilana (Interclub Muggia)
  • Antonija Alilović (Folka Borovje)

MVP – Most Valuable Player:
  • Tara Kokolić (Folka Borovje)

Qualification tournament for the LWB U17 Final 4

The Final 4 of this season’s LWB league competition in category U17 will be held in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia and will be organized on 28th May 2022. Teams Folka Borovje and Kranjska Gora – Jesenice have already qualified to the Final 4 due to the results of the regular part of the competition. Folka Borovje has won all 7 games and Kranjska Gora – Jesenice won 6 games and lost only 1 game.

The 3rd and the 4th team attending the Final 4 competition in Kranjska Gora will be known after the qualification tournament, which will be organized in Muggia, Italy on 21st May 2022. Teams Interclub Muggia, Felix Zasavje and UBI Graz will compete against each other for the last two places leading to Final 4.

Schedule of the qualification tournament:

11.00: Interclub Muggia (I) – Felix Zasavje (SLO)

13.30: Felix Zasavje (SLO) – UBI Graz (A)

15.30: Interclub Muggia (I) – UBI Graz (A)