Season 2020/21

We are all hoping that the situation regarding virus COVID-19 will allow us to complete the season as it is planned. If the situation does not allow us to play the games (tournaments) by the schedule, we will have to adjust our activities accordingly. Therefore we have 3 different possibilities:

Plan A: All the tournaments are organized and played according to the schedule. 

Plan B: The situation does not allow us to organize some tournaments on the date. In this case we will continue the competition normally as it is planned by the schedule. The tournament that could not be played will be played after (when the situation will be different).

Plan C: If the situation will not allow us to complete all 3 tournaments of the 1st part of competition by February or March, we will have to skip the 2nd part of competition and proceed straight ahead to the Final Four (3rd part of competition)
In each category there are 3 parts of competition. In the 1st part 3 tournaments will be organized and also each team will play 2 games with another team to complete the 1st part of competition. We have organized these “single games” to be played with the teams that are geographically (more or less) near. Both teams have enough time to set a date for both games (games have to be played before the 2nd part of competition or in plan C before the Final Four).

CORONA SITUATION: Because of the corona situation, it will be necessary to share all the information regarding different circumstances (corona measures in the country). It is expected that countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) will have different rules and measures regarding the basketball games and also regarding the arrival to the country, therefore it is necessary that all the teams involved in the tournament have all the necessary information. Therefore:- the host of the tournament has to provide all the information regarding the “special” rules for the tournament and share the general information regarding coronavirus in that country- all the other teams have to inform the host if there are any problems regarding the arrival to the tournament.

We will prepare detailed instructions regarding the corona situation, so all the teams will have an easier job planning the tournament.